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Are you an absolute beginner no idea where to start? Are you finding that the books and Youtube vids don’t seem to help you progress? Want to play that song you’ve had in your head? Always wanted to play that Jimi Solo? Got a guitar gathering dust but never got around to playing?

With your first steps into guitar playing, it is very important that you develop good technique - from holding the guitar in the correct position to exercises to help improve your strength and timing. With good technique, everything becomes easier and once learned you’ll never forget it! You’ll find that one to one lessons tailored to your pace of learning and the style you want to play will get quicker results than books and instruction video alone.

With my style of teaching, I focus on getting you playing the things you really want as quickly as possible. So whether you just want to strum a few singalongs or write your own, play some blues or get the funk out one to one lessons is the best way to achieve your goals and keep motivated.

It is a steep learning curve at the beginning but I have tried and tested methods to get you playing without difficulty Learn how to strum and change chords quickly and easily. Learn to play songs you really want learn. I can transcribe any song and show you how to play it. 

Online lesson extra: bespoke videos will be made detailing parts of the lesson.​

Intermediate & Advanced

Stuck in a rut - Can’t stop playing the same old riffs?

Want to be able to play over the entire fretboard?

Want to know what scales fit with what chords and vice versa?

Music Theory - the hows and whys.

Arpeggios, finger tapping, Sweep picking, delay locking,

I can help demystify the fretboard and really open up your guitar playing.




Want to record your song?

Do you want to develop your ideas?

Need help with arrangement and composition?

I can show you how to use the latest computer audio recording software and get the most out of your writing.

Lessons can be videoed to make it easier to learn when you get home and forgotten everything I’ve said :)

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